The fifth stage of an art show is EXHAUSTION.  The setting up, long days on you feet smiling, bad food, long walks to the bathroom, all wears on you.  By the last day you loose track of what your saying right in the middle of a conversation.  And no amount of coffee will clear your brain.  Then comes the tear down and packing up.  The bed feels so good that night and you sleep right through the alarm the next morning. 


One thought on “Exhaustion

  1. I can so relate to you. This is barb from images in bloom… and yes, we have spent many days on our feet, with lulls that seemed like the only thing happening was the grass growing, or the wind blowing… but it is that conversation, talking with people, watching their eyes light up when they connect with your work… i like that too… and i like my bed at the end… fluffy, soft, warm, and a retreat!!! Hope all is well. Love your blog,,

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